Our plants are grown outside in the ground, without mulch. We are located in Planting Zone 4-5. We grow our plants in full sun. They need at least 6 hours a day, but being too close to a building’s sunny side during hot days is not the best place for a daylily plant.
Our plants are so hardy that we have a one-year guarantee; if the daylily plant you purchased from Spring Fever Daylilies does not come up by June the following spring, we will replace it. Daylilies can be planted any time between May 1 and September 7. Those planted in May usually bloom that same summer and those planted in early fall will usually double in number of fans and flowers the very next year. Keep in mind, daylilies may be planted anytime in any workable soil, but I recommend  planting 6 weeks before hard frost.
When you receive your order, the plants may appear to be yellowing or dry. Don’t panic. Place the roots in water overnight or until you can plant them. Remember you are providing a long-term home for your plants; choose a good location, prepare the soil before planting. Plant them 2-3 feet apart.
Tips for planting:
– dig a hole bigger and deeper than the plant actually needs.
– water the hole thoroughly.
– mix some loose soil and small amount of fertilizer together and place some in the hole.
– place the roots on the soil, with the crown of the plant at ground level; holding the plant upright, fill in the rest of the hole with soil.
– try to work the new soil in around all the roots and pack the soil firmly.
– water the plant well, and keep it watered for a few days while it’s getting established.
We fertilize with 16-16-16 or 20-20-20. Some people recommend fertilizing on Memorial Day, 4th of July, and Labor Day.
(Do not use ‘Weed-and-Feed’ type product.)
It is not necessary to dig daylilies in the fall. They are perennial, and actually need to go through the cold season in the ground.
We have used mostly our own photos taken in our garden. The results you get with your daylilies may vary a little, depending upon your micro-climate, the fertility of your ground, or the water you provide.
Just as I have enjoyed growing these plants, may you enjoy them for many, many years. 


Ken McGann

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